Because You Never Know What Might Happen On Your Vacation...

CSA Trip Cancellation Insurance: let us prepare for emergencies so you can enjoy your trip.

Consider these real-life scenarios:

Sickness, Injury and Death
You become sick or injured, or a family member passes away and you are unable to make the trip or must return home early.
Adverse Weather
Your flight is canceled due to adverse weather such as a hurricane or snowstorm.
Job Loss
After at least one year of employment you are laid off and can't go on your trip.
Extension of School Year
Your son or daughter attending school must complete an operating session that was extended beyond the pre-defined school year.
Military Duty
Due to a natural disaster, you or a traveling companion has been called into active military service to provide relief efforts and must cancel his or her trip.
Home Uninhabitable
A flood, fire or other natural disaster renders your home residence uninhabitable.
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