CSA Packing Checklist

Following is a suggested list of common travel necessities, as well as reminders for those often forgettable travel items. We recommend that you print this list so you won't forget a thing.

Helpful hint: Check with your airline regarding what you can carry on the plane as new rules and regulations change. Also, check the weather forecast for your destination, as well as local customs for clothing guidelines. For your convenience, several seasonal and vacation specific items are recommended on this list. Remember, travel experts advise to pack light.

Remember to pack your Policy/Description of Coverage.

General packing tips:

  • Pack heavy items, such as shoes and toiletry kits, before the more delicate ones. Place them along the suitcase's spine to balance weight at the bottom.
  • To reduce wrinkling, turn jackets inside out and fold them in half with tissue paper or dry-cleaning bags. Layering plastic bags or tissue between clothes also helps prevent wrinkles.
  • Hang clothing in the bathroom while showering to steam out wrinkles.
  • Line the bottom of your suitcase with your trousers and let the legs hang over the outside edge of the suitcase. Then pack the rest of your travel gear with the lighter materials on top. Wrap trouser legs over the pile; they'll keep their crease.
  • Stuff socks and rolled-up belts into shoes to save space.
  • Take along plastic bags for laundry or wet swimsuits.
  • Bring an empty, soft bag for souvenirs.
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