Travel Insurance Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who should my clients call if they have an emergency while on their trip?

Every travel insurance plan from CSA Travel Protection includes our acclaimed 24-Hour Emergency Assistance Services, for immediate aid accessible from anywhere in the world. Refer to the Plan Document for the emergency assistance phone numbers for their plan. When they call they should have available the plan Policy/Reference number, their location, a local telephone number they have

What can my clients insure?

They may insure all pre-paid, non-refundable travel arrangements.

What services are available to my clients before, during and after their trip?

They are eligible for informational and concierge services at any time after they purchase a CSA plan. The Emergency Assistance Services become available when they actually start their trip. Emergency Assistance, Concierge and Informational Services end the earliest of: midnight on the day the program expires; when you reach your return destination; or when you complete your trip. Other services may be available depending on the plan purchased; refer to the Plan Document for details.

What if my clients change their mind about the travel insurance?

CSA Travel Protection proudly stands behind its products and services. That's why we offer a "free look" period on all our travel protection plans. If travelers purchase a plan and are not satisfied, they have a certain period of time to contact CSA Travel Protection directly to indicate their desire to cancel (refer to your Plan Document for details outlining the number of days after the plan is purchased in which you can receive a refund). If they haven't already left on the trip or filed a claim, they will receive a complete refund of the plan cost. NOTE: The premium is non-refundable after the time frame allowed under the plan purchased.

How do my clients file a claim?

They will need to complete a CSA claim form and submit it along with the necessary supporting documentation through email, mail or fax. They can download the proper claim form at this link. They can reach a CSA representative by telephone at (800) 541-3522.

What is a foreseeable event?

Foreseeable simply means reasonably known beforehand. Once it is reasonable that people traveling to an area would know about an event, it becomes foreseeable. For example, if the airline your client is flying on announces that they are going on strike, the event becomes foreseeable once they make the announcement.

What is "final payment"?

Final payment is the last pre-paid payment (prior to departure) of the most expensive part of the trip, unless the main air arrangements are added last. "Main air arrangements" refer to air to/from the main destination compared to tickets for a side trip during the vacation.

Can this plan be used with travel to Cuba?

This plan may be used for travel to Cuba as long as all travelers to Cuba are traveling for reasons deemed permisssible by the U.S. Government and that all listed travelers have the proper documentation required by the U.S. Government to travel to Cuba.

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